Poker Club Status Update – March 12th

Find out about the Turn and the River, our next two updates, which are set to bring exciting new features and improvements to raise the game for everyone playing!

12th March 2021

Poker Club keeps getting bigger and better with every update, and our next two updates are set to bring new features and improvements to raise the game for everyone playing!


We’re calling these updates the Turn and the River, and we’re on track with development to launch them in March and April. Here’s what’s coming up:

Brand new heads-up display and showdown UI

Our aim is to create the most exciting and immersive poker experience of all time, so in the Turn update, we’ve overhauled the core heads-up display to make it easier for you to read the game and make quick decisions, all while improving the pace of the action at the table. These updates are supported by community feedback especially in our feedback threads on discord, where users like Chipphop, FunkMetal and Aurakite have been making their voices heard. In the River update, we’re going to expand on this even further and make significant improvements to the showdown and the end of the hand. If you’re looking for a sneak peek, head over to our most recent dev diary to find out more.

Poker Nights and Invite Codes

Whether you are looking to join a tournament or create an intimate game between friends, these updates are bringing the poker night to you. We’ve heard your feedback and we know that a lot of people are running into bots while enjoying the PCC Tour and Tournaments, so we’re introducing new ways for you to get real humans onto the tables with you. The brand new Invite Codes system makes it easier for you to get people onto the table you’re already playing, and we’re adding platform based friend invite options too. With the River update, we’ll be adding host controls to give you even more of a say in how your custom events are run.

Community Events 

These updates will see the launch of our special events roadmap, starting off with a St. Patrick’s day event, “The Luck of the Irish freeroll”. If you’re looking to run your own tournaments, there’s more good news! As well as our own events, we’re going to be launching our tournament prizes program for players who are running their own large events. There will be more to come on this later, but if you think that you might be interested in getting involved make sure to join us on Discord, so you don’t miss any information!

Lots more to come…

With the River update, we’re also introducing a brand new location, but we’re keeping that a secret for now! Keep your eyes on our social pages over the coming weeks, as we’ll be releasing teasers as to what it might be.

You can also expect to see more upcoming dev diaries about the ongoing AI improvements. We know that bots can play too loose and with too wide a range, especially in the low stakes games, which can lead to some really frustrating moments and bad beats. We’re continuing to optimise their strategies to make sure that they strike the right balance in their playstyles.

Thank you to every single one of you for your ongoing support as we have worked towards this point. All of your ideas and feedback have helped to drive these updates and get Poker Club to where it is today and we hope that you’re as excited as we are to see where the future takes us.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these upcoming updates, join us on Discord and let us know what you’re most excited about.