Update Preview – Chip Store

Read about the Chip Store, a brand new feature on its way as part of the Tournaments update, and find how you'll be able to collect a selection of free bundles as the store goes live!

20th September 2021

As part of the Tournaments update, we’re adding a brand new chip store to the game. This is a feature that has been requested a lot by members of our community.

Our aim was to add something that’s rewarding to those who want to support the game and get something out of it, without being a necessary feature if it’s not for you.



The best part of the store is the bundles. These offer the best value as well as unique items not available anywhere else. The aim of these is to give you access to some cool items and a quick boost to your bankroll. The bundles are only available once per person, and one of them is free for everyone.

You saw that right, as a thank you to everyone playing Poker Club we’re giving everyone a bundle completely free, so make sure to log on and grab your bonus!

Additionally, as part of this update, everyone who already has a Poker Club account will receive a special Founders Bundle sent directly to their account. This contains a unique, never to be seen again item marking you as a “Legend” and founder of the game, as well as another hefty boost to your chip balance.

Chip Packs


Chip packs are a simple way to get some extra chips to boost your bankroll. Our aim with these packs is to keep the values sensible and fairly priced so that they don’t devalue the balance of the game and provide meaningful value to players who choose to pick them up.

It’s important to say that Poker Club actively encourages responsible purchasing and all of these packs are optional. They do not change the gameplay or balance of the game. We have a lot more to say about this in our blog post about why we’ve added the store, so if you want to find out more about our approach and focus on fairness and transparency, please read this blog post from the team.