Tournaments Update – Available Now on all Platforms

The Tournaments Update is here! Find out what's in the update and prepare to hit the table in Blackjack's treasure hoard.

21st September 2021

The Tournaments update is now available for Poker Club on PC, Xbox and Playstation platforms. The Tournaments update includes:

Competitive Monthly Tournaments

  • Come together each month in a highly contested, winner-takes-all competition.
  • Each tournament features a unique theme, with decorated environments and soundscapes.
  • Three brand new cosmetic items to earn in every tournament, including standout table items and clothing.
  • Winners will be immortalised in the “Hall of Fame” a leaderboard specifically tracking tournament victors.

Blackjack’s Treasure Hoard

The first of our monthly tournaments, Blackjack’s Treasure Hoard is a pirate-themed event taking place in the Casino D’Oro. We’ve packed out the venue with what’s left of his crew who’ll get you into the spirit with their selection of sea shanties. Can you be the first to get your hands on the hoard and earn your place in the Hall of Fame?

Chip Store

  • Pick up your free bundle and show everyone at the table that with 100k extra chips in your bag and your new hat, you don’t give a cluck.
  • Boost your balance with a selection of chip packs with the brand new chip store.
  • Browse a range of heavily discounted bundles for a burst of additional chips as well as some glorious shining gold cosmetics.

Price Drop

It’s really important to us that our players have the best possible experience when playing Poker Club. Listening to all of your feedback, we understand that one of the biggest factors in this is having as many players as possible at the table.

To help with this we are dropping the price of Poker Club to £15.99/$19.99 So if you have friends who were thinking about picking it up, now is the perfect chance to get them involved!

Loyalty / Founders Bundle

As part of this update, everyone who already has a Poker Club account will receive a special Founders Bundle sent directly to their account. This contains a unique, never to be seen again item marking you as a “Legend” and founder of the game, as well as another hefty boost to your chip balance.

Additional changes

  • Improved spectator mode allowing the spectator host to easily see all cards in the game and cycle between players perspectives.
  • In-game messaging improvements via splash screens.
  • Improvements to tournament UI.
  • Improvements to rewards screens.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.