The River – Gameplay Upgrades

We’re levelling up the daily Poker Club experience with new showdowns and more players at the table, backed up by clear on-screen info and faster play. More excitement and tension build the interpersonal moments that make poker such an exciting game.

16th April 2021

New showdown UX

We want every showdown to be exciting, keeping you immersed as the tension builds up and the winning cards are revealed! To do this we’ve focused on optimising two key features of the showdown: the reveal and the winning hand.

The reveal now allows you to easily track the cards that each of your opponents turns over, building suspense with each new piece of information. These are neatly displayed against each players name on the player list, making sure there’s no confusion over what’s on the table and allowing you to see how your hand stacks up against your rivals.

On the winning hand, we have focused on ensuring absolute clarity. The UI will now clearly display the winning player’s hole cards alongside the community cards, and then highlight the 5 cards that make up the winning hand.

More Human Players

One of the biggest areas of feedback that we get from our community is that, where possible, you’d like to play more against other players and less against AI. We’re aiming to deliver on this through a range of additions, that will give you more opportunities to fill your tables with real players. These include:

  • Improved matchmaking across all events, including PCC Tour.
  • The AI will give up seats at cash tables whenever a new player joins.
  • Friend invites for all systems getting more players into your game.
  • Invite codes for every table, meaning that you can easily fill the extra seats 
  • New custom game features, giving you the tools to create your own events, with or without bots.
  • We’ll also be trialling new events with no AI at the table, so make sure to get involved and let us know what you think!

When you’re taking on the PCC Tour there will always be a higher chance of AI at the table. With its massive range of events, there are often thousands of tables to fill and our priority is giving every player action in whichever event they choose to play.  We’re committed to making sure that every game is a rewarding and enjoyable experience no matter the mix of players and AI. If you’re curious about how AI players make their decisions, check out the AI Dev Diaries to see what goes on behind the scenes!

If you’d prefer to stay away from AI players altogether, make sure to get involved with tournaments and daily tables or consider setting up your own custom games! Join us on Discord and link up with other community members to keep your tables packed out.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next teaser for the River, in which we’ll be looking at “Poker Nights”.