The River Update –  Available now on all platforms

It’s finally here! The River update is now available to download for Poker Club on PC, Playstation and Xbox platforms.  Let's have a look at what's in this massive update.

26th April 2021

Improved Showdown UI/UX

  • We’re making sure that every showdown is exciting, keeping you immersed as the tension builds up and the winning cards are revealed!


More Players At the Table

  • Improved matchmaking across all events, including PCC Tour.
  • AI will now give up a seat at a cash table whenever a new player joins.
  • Invite codes for every table, meaning that you can easily fill the extra seats 
  • New custom game features giving you the tools to create your own events, with or without bots.
  • We’ll also be trialling new events with no AI at the table, so make sure to get involved and let us know what you think!


Friends list invites for Steam

  • Invite players directly from your friends list on Steam and Xbox platforms. We’re also aiming to add Playstation in the near future.


Host Controls For Private Games

  • Choose to spectate or join the table yourself.
  • Access to more spectator options, including the ability to see all hole cards at any time.
  • Complete control over when the tournament starts for hosts.


Community Prize Program

  •  We will now be registering interest for our Community Prize Program. This will aim to support players who are hosting events, rewarding both the winning players and those who are putting in the time to help build on our amazing Poker Club community.


Brand New Venue

  • Head down to our newest Poker venue, the Manor House. A sophisticated setting, dressed in the ornately detailed mahogany furnishings of a princely estate and surrounded by beautiful views of the grounds. You’ll be able to find this in custom games, the PCC Tour and our upcoming Golden Decade Tournament.


Additional changes and bug fixes

  • Camera improvements ensuring that the focus is more on players during gameplay.
  • Improved transition effects from pot to player stack.
  • Improvements for hi-vis cards in player bar/list.
  • Reduction in the wait time before a tournament game starts from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Reintroduction of the intro video.
  • Improvements to the speed of presentation of leaderboard information.
  • Improvements to timings across the game, with the aim of optimising game speed.
  • Improvements to messages in relation to network issues.
  • Fix for an issue that caused an overheat message to show on XB.