The River Update – Coming Soon

Get an overview of what's on the way in our upcoming "River" update.

7th April 2021

The River Update is just around the corner and with so many amazing features on the way, we’re really excited to show you what’s coming up. Here’s a quick overview of the upcoming features.

Gameplay Upgrades: We’re levelling up the daily Poker Club experience, with new showdowns and more players at the table. More excitement and tension, backed up by clarity and faster play build the interpersonal moments that make poker such an exciting game.


Poker Nights 2.0: Hosting your ultimate Poker night just got easier. The River will give you full control over your games and make it easier to get the whole crew to the table. 


Community Prize Program: The River will see the launch of our brand new community prize program for larger events. Rewarding both the winning players and those who are putting in the time to help build our amazing Poker Club community.


The Golden Decade Event: There’s never been a better time to join! Jumpstart your Poker Club journey with a massive freeroll tournament.


Brand New Venue: That’s right! The River update is launching with a classy new venue for you to host tournaments and cash games in! More details on the way in a future blog post!

Have we caught your attention? We’ll be releasing more info on each of these areas in the coming weeks, so make sure you’re watching this space for the full details!