Update Preview – Monthly Competitive Tournaments

Find out more about the upcoming Tournaments Update for Poker Club, with an in-depth look at the flag-ship feature - highly competitive Monthly Tournaments.

6th September 2021

The Tournaments Update is on its way to Poker Club and we’re really excited to show you what’s coming to the game. We’ve decided to start with the biggest upcoming feature, monthly competitive Tournaments.

As the definitive poker game on console, we want Poker Club to embody the heated head-to-head game of poker that we all know and love. What better way is there to do that than by bringing every player together each month in a highly contested, winner-takes-all competition!

Tournaments will offer a new level of competition in Poker Club and give you the opportunity to prove your skills in specific event types at the highest level, with Finals taking place every week.

As the overall winner of a tournament, you’ll not only earn big pay-outs and a standout trophy to show off at the table, you’ll also be permanently recognized in our brand new Hall of Fame. Your name will be up there in lights for everyone else to see!

So how do the tournaments work?

Every month you’ll find two new tabs on your tournaments screen, a Qualifier and a Final for whichever tournament is running. Qualifiers run throughout the week, so as long as you have the cash, there are plenty of chances to enter. By competing in and winning a Qualifier you’ll earn an awesome themed prize as well as a coveted ticket to the final.

If you’ve managed to earn a ticket before the Final comes around on Saturday, you can spend that ticket to enter the tournament. Every Finals competitor will earn another unique item, just for making it that far, but show your skills and come out on top and you’ll walk away with both the trophy and a place in the Hall of Fame. If you enter the Final and lose… well it’s back to the qualifiers to try and earn a new ticket before next weekend.

Starting on the first of each month, there will be a brand new tournament, each with its own unique theme. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on the cards for the next few months. We think you might be able to guess the theme for December 😉

That’s all for this first preview of the upcoming Tournaments Update! Have we got you excited to take on this new competitive environment? Do you think you might be staking a claim on our Hall of Fame? Join us on Discord and let us know what you think, or ask us any questions that you have about this exciting new addition to the game.