Update 1.56 Available Now on PC & Xbox Platforms

Multi-table Tournaments | Trophies | Graphical Improvements | Bug Fixes | AI Changes

17th February 2021


An update is now available to download for Poker Club on PC and Xbox platforms. This update brings PC and Xbox platforms in line with PlayStation platforms. Update 1.56 on PC and 1.58 on Xbox platforms include:

  • Private multi-table tournaments.
  • Improvements and clarification of trophies 
  • Brand new ring reward sequence

As well as this update, we will also be making some changes to the AI across all platforms in the coming weeks. These changes include:

  • Behaviour – Based on internal data and community feedback we are making some key tweaks to AI behaviour. This change is primarily focused on the aggressive behaviours of ‘maniacs’ and will also reduce the frequency with which a ‘nit’ will attempt to steal blinds.
  • Labelling – AI labels will now represent the strategy that AI is playing with at the current table, rather than being formed from how it has played in all of its previous games. This will allow you to make more strategic predictions around how it is going to play.
  • Statistics – Stats for particular AI players will now only show their history from playing with their current label. E.g. if TwinnyWinTwin is a ‘donkey’ at the current table, you will be able to see how he performed historically as a ‘donkey’ at other tables.

We’ll be releasing a Dev Diary with more info on how the AI plays in the near future, so watch this space.