Poker Club Status Update – January 22nd

Game Updates | Long-Term Development | Community Feedback

22nd January 2021

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re all safe and enjoying Poker Club! Lockdown here in the UK may be keeping most of us out of the office, we’re still hard at work from home preparing our next set of updates, collecting all of your feedback and shaping our roadmap for the year ahead.

Today we’d like to share some of the improvements that are coming in our next few game updates alongside the areas we are focusing on in our longer-term plans for the future of Poker Club. Live development cycles mean that timelines can change, but we would still like to keep you up to date with our current plans.

If you want to follow our progress you can stay up to date with the latest Poker Club updates from our team over on Discord and share your feedback with us using our Player Feedback Form. Additionally this year we will also be introducing a new form of Dev Diaries. These will be a great opportunity to see what we are working on and as a bonus get an insight into the types of thoughts and procedures that go into updating or creating a new feature.

If you have shared feedback with us already, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do so. It helps us to prioritise updates, helps our team to investigate efficiently and ensures that you have a direct line to the team when required. We hope that as you read through some of the changes coming up, you will see your own feedback reflected in them.

Upcoming Updates

We’re looking forward to releasing our first update of the year, which we are currently optimizing and testing ready for release. Here are some of the things that you can expect to see. 

  • Private multi-table tournaments – We received a lot of feedback, going all the way back to pre-release, that these were something that you really felt the game needed. We are happy to say that with the next update you’ll be able to host and join your own custom MTTs. Thank you to everyone that took the time to share your thoughts, we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.
  • Improvements and clarification of trophies – There have been a few trophies causing confusion for those achievement hunters among you, so we’re rewording a few of them to make the requirements as clear as possible. We’re looking at you ‘Keep Your Heads Up’ and ‘Poker Showdown’!
  • Additionally, the updates will have a few bug fixes as well as setting the groundwork for us to add more special events and rewards.
  • Ring Reward Sequence – Celebrate your tour victory in style with a brand new animation rewarding you with your well-earned rings.

Long Term Development

As well as our short term goals, we’re looking to implement some important changes to the game based on your feedback. Since launch, we’ve been collecting your feedback on the AI and UI of Poker Club. A huge thanks to everyone who took part in our focused feedback sessions over on Discord, or just shared their thoughts on one of our social channels, for helping to form this discussion. These are two fundamental elements of the game and we’re keen to get them just right. We’ll be keeping you up to date as these shape up, as well as continuing to collect feedback going forward.

We know that some of you are still experiencing the occasional crash or disconnection and thanks to the reports on the player feedback form, we are eliminating the causes of these, one by one. A stable game is key and so this continues to be a major focus for us going forward.

As always thank you to every single one of you for your ongoing support and patience. It’s fantastic to see all of your feedback and ideas and it really helps us as we strive to make the best possible poker experience. Please continue to complete our Player Feedback Form to report any issues and to share your suggestions with us, or join us on Discord and contribute to the next discussion on upcoming events and tournaments, starting next week!

Otherwise, we hope that you all continue to stay safe and we’ll be back with further updates soon.