Poker Club Status Update – November 20th

Poker Club Launch | Server Updates | 50K Chip Bonus | Planned Server Maintenance

20th November 2020

Hey everyone,

Poker Club is now available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! It’s been quite the week and we have a couple of updates we’d like to share with you.

Server Updates

Starting with: thank you. Thank you for your ongoing support as we have continued to work through the Day 1 teething issues we’ve faced. Every single feedback report and message of understanding has not gone unnoticed and our whole team is incredibly grateful. As a small team, we’ve been blown away by the support for Poker Club and we’re committed to getting things back on track. We know it hasn’t been plain sailing across all platforms and we’ve been working around the clock to improve server stability and make sure you can get back online as quickly as possible. We’ve made good progress and are continuing to make improvements. If you do experience an issue we ask that you submit a report through the Poker Club feedback form as this will be routed directly to the relevant team.

Planned Maintenance

Stability improvements are continuing throughout the weekend and we will be hosting planned periods of maintenance that may cause disruption for some players. We will confirm the times of this maintenance where possible across Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We’ll be keeping downtime to a minimum but want to make sure that you’re aware when maintenance is planned.

50K Chip Bonus

Every player that had registered an account (started the game and connected by 5pm GMT on 20th November) with the Poker Club server during the period server disruption we experienced has now been awarded a 50k chip bonus to their bankroll. It’s our way of apologising for the rocky start. The bonus will automatically be added to your account the next time you log in.

Reported Issues

We’re aware of a selection of reported issues and now have updates to share on these specific bugs:

  • [Update 21/11/2020: This has now been resolved] PS5 loading error – We are investigating an issue affecting a small percentage of PS5 users in North America and we’re working with Sony and doing everything we can to get this resolved.
  • Screen edge ‘Flickering’ on Xbox platforms – A fix for this intermittent issue will be included in an upcoming patch.
  • Exiting the game correctly on Steam – This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

We’re working through all submitted reports, but these three are the most commonly reported bugs as of right now.

We will continue to share further updates as and when we have them, and we’ll be staying in touch over on Discord. We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our Discord moderators; BewlitproofSoap, Jordi, ArcSensor and Aurakite, who have been helping us to stay on top of community feedback and suggestions. We are grateful for the support of everyone in the Poker Club community and we hope you enjoy your time at the table this weekend.



[Update 22/11/2020]

Server maintenance is continuing today which means there may be some disruption as we continue to push fixes to improve stability. Thank you for your continued support as we do everything we can to get Poker Club back on track.

As well as making good progress with a fix for right now, we’re also implementing longer-term resolves that will mean less disruption in the future.