Update 1.30 Available Now on PlayStation Platforms

Graphical Improvements | UI Improvements | Club Amendments | Bug Fixes

11th December 2020


A new update is now available to download for Poker Club on PlayStation platforms. Update 1.30 includes:

  • Graphical improvements¬†
  • Fix for screen edge flickering
  • Clearer prompt to post big blind
  • Wider variation of idle animations
  • Improvements to table UI
  • Improvements to XP bar
  • New PCC Tour Ring reward sequence
  • Improved visibility of other Clubs when already in a Club
  • Fixed “cancel your application” option for leaving a Club
  • Fix for Bounty Hunter PlayStation trophy
  • Leaderboards will now rank players based on total chips won

The corresponding update for PC and Xbox platforms is in the final stages of testing and we’ll share more details on release timings as soon as we can. When this update releases on PC it will also include a fix for exiting the game.

Upcoming Updates

1.30 is currently in the final stages of testing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. We’re already working on the next updates for January and beyond and you can read more about what we’re working on in our December Status Update. Thank you for your support as we continue to address community feedback and make improvements. Please continue to share your thoughts through our Player Feedback Form as every single response helps to shape our plans for future Poker Club updates.