Status Update & 1.30 Available Now on PC & Xbox Platforms

Holiday Updates | 1.32 Hotfix | Update 1.30 Includes: Graphical Improvements | Fix for Screen Flickering | Updated PCC Reward Sequence and more

17th December 2020


An update is now available to download for Poker Club on PC and Xbox platforms. This update (1.30) brings PC and Xbox platforms in line with PlayStation platforms, which received Update 1.30 last week. Update 1.30 on PC and Xbox platforms includes:

  • Graphical improvements 
  • Fix for screen edge flickering
  • Clearer prompt to post big blind
  • Wider variation of idle animations
  • Improvements to table UI
  • Improvements to XP bar
  • New PCC Tour Ring reward sequence
  • Improved visibility of other Clubs when already in a Club
  • Fixed “cancel your application” option for leaving a Club
  • Fix for Bounty Hunter PlayStation trophy
  • Leaderboards will now rank players based on total chips won
  • Fix for exiting the game on PC

A separate hotfix (1.32) also released today on PC and PlayStation platforms to ensure full parity across all platforms and to address a crash affecting some PlayStation players.

Future Updates

This will be the last update before the new year, as our team prepare to take a break for the holidays. We’ll still be monitoring feedback and staying in touch on Discord, just a little less often than usual. We will also be asking for feedback on specific community-raised issues over on Discord during the holidays. If you haven’t already joined us on Discord but would like to contribute your feedback, you can join the Poker Club server here. You can also continue to report any issues using our Player Feedback Form, and every response will be picked up in January. All feedback is greatly appreciated and will help to feed into and prioritise further updates as we return in the new year. If you’d like more details on our future plans, we’ve shared more details in our December Status Update.

All that remains is to say happy holidays from all of us here at Ripstone. Thank you for your ongoing support and here’s to a happy and healthy 2021!